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Working with Vergent Products Has Many Advantages

Being manufacturing-focused means, we focus on producing products. What’s more, our client’s non-compete for design services means that you can’t outsource the design of the said product. It’s no secret that outsourcing the design of a product is more accessible than producing it, so we can guarantee that your product will have a proper look. Whether you need design services or product manufacturing, we can ensure that you’ll have a unique product at a competitive price. If you have an idea that you want to see in reality, we can work with you to make your ideas come to life. We have many suppliers and manufacturers at our disposal, which means we can find the right parts and materials for your product. 

Building on our proven customer-focused business strategy, we can streamline client transition to our quality manufacturing standards and the methods, systems, and culture we have created to drive it forward. Our manufacturing quality control strategy is integral to client qualification, hands-on training, and on-site manufacturing facility visits.

Confident Client Transition To Our Exceptional Quality Manufacturing Record

Our quality manufacturing record is second to none. Our experience in the field is vast and understands the importance of quality manufacturing. Clients love our quality service and relationships. We are a team of professionals with a lot of background and experience! Our clients love working with us, and we love working with them! 

Collaborative Dfm Services Aligned With Product Design Objectives And Manufacturing Best Practices

Collaborative Design for Manufacturing (DFM) is a design and process methodology for managing concurrent engineering (CE), and concurrent design is focused on faster time to market and reduced product cost. DFM services are vital to providing better products and services due to collaboration and coordination between multiple sources of information. DFM services are a crucial factor in reducing product costs and improving the quality of the product. DFM services are aligned with product design objectives and manufacturing best practices, resulting in the best possible products for customers.

We establish and adhere to quality design and development processes throughout our projects. In addition, we collaborate with the industry to provide better products and services and strive for continual improvement. 

Rapid prototyping with rigorous quality metrics

Rapid prototyping is a method of making prototypes for new products. It requires rigorous quality metrics, meaning that the product must be tested to see if it functions correctly and if it meets all of the requirements. This can be difficult to do. 

This is often used in the aerospace industry, but it can also be used in other sectors. Rapid prototyping uses 3D printing technology, and it can be used to create prototypes, models, and parts. Rapid prototyping has several advantages over traditional manufacturing methods, including speed, reduced costs, and improved quality. We use rapid prototyping to test out designs before investing in expensive tooling or casting. We also leverage rapid prototyping to make parts that are more expensive to produce.

PCBA, final product assembly, order fulfillment, warranty & return services

These services are offered as part of a package deal that includes a PCBA, installation services, and other products. Vergent Products also provide warranty and return services. We help to protect your investment in your PCBA. It is also the most important step in the process because it is where all the information that the manufacturer uses to make the electronic product comes from.

The PCB is the backbone of your electronic product. So it is imperative that you work with a trusted PCB assembly house. You must be careful to look for a company with a good reputation. Look for a company with a solid reputation. 

Full turnkey supply chain capabilities and risk assessment

The complete turnkey supply chain capabilities and risk assessment are essential to successful business operations. This includes the ability to monitor the delivery of raw materials and the ability to monitor the delivery of finished products. These are important because they ensure that the business can track the movement of raw materials and finished products throughout the supply chain. They also allow businesses to manage the risks associated with the production and distribution of raw materials and finished products.

Test development support

As part of our commitment to delivering the best service in the industry, we also provide Test Development Support. Our goal is to ensure our partners can get the most out of our software. Our Test Development Support Team can help you install our software and integrate it with your existing testing platform. We are ready to help our partners build better products. Our developers have a wide range of skills. They have already worked with similar products and know-how to solve the problems.

We have a lot of experience in different industries. We have worked with other technologies and know what works best. Our testers can find bugs in the application. They can also test the application in different ways. The Test Development Support Team focuses on testing the application in various scenarios. Our team tests the application using other devices and operating systems. The team also tests the application on multiple browsers and mobile platforms. The Test Development Support team is responsible for ensuring that the application works in all the situations that customers may encounter.

We understand that you must have a smooth relationship with your manufacturer. So we take care of all the hard stuff – the testing, quality control, and quality assurance. So you don’t have to worry about those things. You have to provide us with a precise specification, and we’ll handle everything else.

We are a 100% digital, paperless factory with cyber-secure data management.

We are a 100% digital, paperless factory with cyber-secure data management. Our factory is entirely paperless, with all processes being completed online. This means no physical documents are created. All information is sent electronically, so there are no physical copies. Every step of the manufacturing process is managed online. This includes every document, from the product design and development to the production process, to delivery and customer service. At the end of the manufacturing process, a package is mailed to the customer, and all the paperwork is scanned and stored in a digital warehouse.

We use state-of-the-art equipment and a team of highly trained professionals. When a customer orders a product, we scan the design file and send it to our production department. 

Responsive and flexible yet highly disciplined process-driven team

Our team is comprised of experienced professionals who have worked together for years. We are a small but high-performing team of professionals with a strong focus on customer satisfaction and delivering value to our clients. Each team member specializes in a different aspect of marketing, but we all work together to provide effective and creative engineering solutions.

We understand that all businesses are unique, but we’d like to share some of the qualities we look for in our clients. We look for a business that has a clear vision and is willing to take the time to develop that vision. Our clients also have to clearly understand their business model and what they want to accomplish with their business.

Proud Member of the Colorado manufacturing community for 25 years

The Vergent Products Company has been a proud member of the Colorado manufacturing community for 25 years. We serve customers in various industries and have always been committed to quality.  Our commitment to our employees has always been our priority. We’ve invested in education and training so that our employees have the skills necessary to grow and succeed in their careers.

Our reputation is important to us, and we want to earn it.