Customize Your Product



Configure to Order (CTO)

Many smart electronic systems today require custom configuration to meet the needs of specific customers and downstream market segments. Vergent’s Config to Order service was developed in direct response to client needs for loading specific firmware and software onto common devices from the manufacturing floor. We offer this end of line service to help our clients shorten their supply chain, and minimize finished goods inventory. Our CTO model is rapid and efficient, accomplishing the required customization steps just prior to packaging and shipping the final product.

Third Party Logistics (3PL)

The fewer times a product has to move to reach it’s final destination has a positive impact on cost, lowers risk of delivery disruptions, and reduces working capital tied up in finished goods. Vergent developed our 3PL services to help our clients collapse their supply chains, and ship their finished products direct from our facility to their end customer. We are linked into our client’s order management flow, and can do daily shipments in quantities ranging from 1 unit to full pallets.

  • Daily order management (ie. Ship Station, or similar)
  • Client branding on all documents and labels
  • Custom order formats
  • Fast & efficient

Reverse Logistics & Repair

A consideration in outsourcing is how to manage the service and repair of product in the field. Vergent Products has designed our Reverse Logistics and Repair service to handle your field return challenges in the same factory where the product was built. We can set up a process customized to your needs; send packaging to your customer for the return, clean, inspect, troubleshoot, repair, test the product to your specifications, and return the product to the field.

  • Dispatch of Packaging for Returned Goods
  • Warranty Replacement Pool Management
  • Dedicated Repair Depot
  • Experienced Technicians to Troubleshoot Products
  • Root Cause Investigation & Reporting
  • Product Re-test Incorporated in Process
  • Execution of Refurbishment & Upgrades