Tracy Ireland

Tracy Ireland

I chose a career in electronics manufacturing very early in life because I love to build things and take them apart to make them better. I am an inventor at heart and I love working with others who have great ideas. I have spent a lot of time thinking about the best ways to get a product to market and have been blessed with being involved in many successful product development and improvement cycles.

Over the course of my career I have worked in many roles in product development and manufacturing. I even moved to Asia for a few years in the late 90’s to understand why they had come into high favor as a manufacturing powerhouse. Consequently, I have learned to think differently about what drives success in this business:

  • First – no man is an island. Successful product development and ongoing improvement takes the collaboration of many people working as one team. It requires the diversity of many talents and divergence of ideas rapidly converging on the best solution at the right time.
  • Second – the process throughout a product life cycle is iterative and highly disciplined. You have to know when the design is good enough and you have to plan to continuously improve the product while also improving manufacturing process. Your improvement process must be intentional and focused, not serendipitous or loosely structured.
  • Third – The design, manufacturing and supply environments are constantly changing so you have to have the right balance of flexibility, stewardship, and risk. Furthermore, technology is rapidly advancing while becoming more complicated.Success today depends on speed and our ability to continuously learn and evolve.
  • Finally – Finally as our client, you know good value when you see it. Our entire enterprise is dedicated to meeting your needs, delivering a positive experience and ensuring you can sleep at night because you know Vergent Products has it under control.

I joined Vergent Products because the company’s culture embodies these concepts. Here, there is a foundational philosophy of thinking differently and working differently. Prior to my position with Vergent Products, I led a large “pure play” contract manufacturing organization. I always felt something was missing – When the product had a problem the CM simply throws up their hands and waits for the customer to resolve the issue. All improvement within the “pure play” CM is focused on increased revenue for the CM and not necessarily what is in the best interest for the customer. We take a long-term system view for our clients – when their success is ensured, Vergent Products and myself will be rewarded with future opportunities.

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