1. Innovate or Die Trying

    by Paul Boerger, CTO and VP of Engineering, Vergent Products With every passing year, the world gets a little smaller, competition gets smarter, and commoditization climbs higher on the value chain. Perhaps that is life’s way of reminding us that our journeys require growth to be successful in adv…Read More

  2. Manufacturing Product Test

    Thinking about the manufacturing test strategy early in the design process is key to creating an effective and efficient test.  It can be a balancing act to have adequate test coverage while also controlling the manufacturing costs associated with operating the test procedures.   The circuit desi…Read More

  3. Design for Excellence (DfX)

    Engage Early and Often Early involvement is better.  That’s a universal truth that applies to almost any situation we can think of.  It holds especially true in today’s electronic manufacturing market place.  With the explosion of IoT, sensors, cloud communications, global supply chains, and …Read More

  4. Reducing Human Error in Manufacturing

    By Sarah Johnson, CLM, CSSBB Director of Quality and Process Development “It was human error; there’s nothing we can do.”  The usual corrective actions for this kind of problem are “re-training” (i.e., telling them they screwed up and to do better) or even worse, “We’ve let that emplo…Read More

  5. ThermalStrike Press Release

    Partnering with ThermalStrike On Decontamination solution for Medical Devices (Loveland, CO)  ThermalStrike and Vergent Products have joined forces to ramp production and delivery of a novel Decontamination System focused on reuse of N95 respirators.  The device is ideal to decontaminate other sma…Read More

  6. Vergent Products Provides PPE Support

    Helping our local community with medical devices during the Pandemic LOVELAND, CO — Vergent Products, in association with H2 Manufacturing and Colorado Tech Shop, have been providing assembly services for the H2 Manufacturing Solutions designed 3D printed re-usable respirator. Respirators are avai…Read More

  7. Make No Mistake – 5 Steps to Defect Free by Tracy Ireland

    You run a tight ship -- No room in your development schedule to debug prototyping mistakes and no slack in production schedules for late deliveries or worse an on-time delivery of defective products. Let’s face it, mistakes and defects kill schedules, cause unplanned costs, and are just plain fru…Read More