Vergent Products Provides PPE Support

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Helping our local community with medical devices during the Pandemic

LOVELAND, CO — Vergent Products, in association with H2 Manufacturing and Colorado Tech Shop, have been providing assembly services for the H2 Manufacturing Solutions designed 3D printed re-usable respirator. Respirators are available through H2 at

At the early onset of the virus, Vergent Products Director of Quality, Sarah Johnson, rapidly designed and sourced supplies to build a vinyl face shield. To date, Vergent Products has delivered to EMS services, safe houses, shelters, and essential businesses. These are available through Vergent Products at

Vergent Products and ThermalStrike have joined forces to achieve FDA Emergency Use Authorization for the Ranger-COVID decontamination system

The volume production of the device is now underway. Within only a few days, Vergent Products was able to work with ThermalStrike to set up processes, receive components, and produced initial production units. These are available through