Accelerating Revenues and Business Unit Profitability: Meet John Sage, Vergent’s CSO & VP of Business Development

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In today’s fast-paced business world, the role of a Chief Strategy Officer (CSO) and Vice President of Business Development is critical to the success of any company. This is particularly true for companies operating in the complex technical industry, where navigating a changing landscape of technologies, regulations, and market trends can be challenging. At Vergent Products, John Sage serves as CSO and VP of Business Development, and his more than two decades of experience in leading complex technical business units make him a valuable asset to the team.

Here’s what you need to know about John Sage, his role at Vergent, and his impressive track record in delivering top and bottom-line results.

Industry Experience

John has worked across various B2B industries, including plastics, fiberglass, strategy consulting, and pharmaceutical data management. In each of these industries, he has consistently delivered results by developing differentiated value propositions for customers.

Before joining Vergent Products, John served as the Senior Vice President of Respiratory and eCOA for iCardiac Technologies and Senior Vice President of Clinical for nSpire Health. He brings his experience in medical devices, data management, and clinical research to his current role at Vergent, where he manages new growth initiatives for electronics contract manufacturing in the medical, aerospace, and industrial market segments.

Academic and Professional Background

John received his bachelor’s degree in Chemical Engineering from the Ohio State University. He is also an advisor to the University of Colorado Leeds School of Business and the Northern Colorado Manufacturing Partnership. He has a unique combination of academic and practical experience, which makes him well-suited for his current role at Vergent.

Value to Vergent Products

As CSO and VP of Business Development at Vergent Products, John leads the company’s efforts in new growth initiatives, identifying and developing new markets for their electronics contract manufacturing services. He works closely with clients, understanding their needs and providing tailored solutions to meet their unique requirements.

John’s experience in clinical research and data management is particularly valuable to Vergent’s clients in the medical industry. He has a deep understanding of regulatory requirements and can help clients navigate the complex landscape of medical device manufacturing. Additionally, his experience in developing differentiated value propositions for customers has enabled Vergent to stand out from the competition and deliver top and bottom-line results.

John Sage CSO & VP of Business Development of Vergent Products

John Sage’s extensive experience leading complex technical business units, combined with his academic and practical background, makes him a valuable asset to Vergent Products. As the Chief Strategy Officer (CSO) and Vice President of Business Development, John is responsible for accelerating revenue growth, improving business unit profitability, and leading business turnarounds. He has consistently delivered results across various B2B industries, and his unique combination of skills and experience makes him well-suited for his current role at Vergent. With John’s leadership and expertise, Vergent Products is well-positioned to continue its growth and success in the electronics contract manufacturing industry. For more information on our products and services, please visit our website at .