Contract Design and Manufacturing Capabilities

Critical Environment Industrial applications

  • High voltage systems, >50 kV
  • Power management & transmission systems
  • Battery diagnostics
  • X-ray diagnostic systems
  • Automation & robotics
  • Water treatment and heating systems
  • Energy¬† generation, alternative energy
  • Optical systems
  • Voltage testing devices
  • Automotive electrical systems

Why work with the Vergent Products team?

  • Robust risk assessment process to ensure product safety and reliability
  • High voltage test development and functional testing capabilities
  • We are 100% digital, paperless factory
  • Rapid search and retrieval for all of your serialized product data
  • Predictive and zero-defect methodologies with exceptional process control
  • Success Every Time (SET) procedures
  • Rapid prototyping capabilities
  • Product design, PCBA, product assembly, order fulfillment, warranty & return services under one roof
  • Responsive and flexible, yet highly disciplined process-driven team