We Believe Developing And Designing A Successful Product Is Part Of A Larger Picture

Vergent Products is certified to ISO 9001:2015, ISO 13485:2016, and AS9100D.  All Design and Development services are excluded from our AS9100D certification.  For more information, please click About Us in the tool bar above, and select Certifications to see a detailed description.

Having Vergent Products assist you in your product development will allow you to leverage our diverse experience in design for mechanical and electronic assemblies, with your company’s depth of experience for your products features, technology needs and requirements. We use a concise three stage process for product development – as opposed to some development processes that span two to three times as many stages, or phases, that tend to add time without adding real value.Our three stages, product definition and concept development, prototype and detail development, and tooling/pilot production, will take your product from any stage it is currently at and get it into production as quickly as possible. With Vergent Products, our clients receive well documented designs in industry standard formats including solid model files, schematics, PCB layouts, BOM’s, and test reports. Vergent also uses a fully integrated Product Lifecycle Management system to track revisions of all documentation, giving our clients an extremely secure source of information for their products. This focused process, with the efforts from our design team delivers highly accelerated product designs that allow our clients to get to market faster.

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