1. Product Realization Success! 

    By Paul Boerger, CTO & VP of Engineering HP Digital Entertainment Center (DE100C) For more than 33 years, I've had the good fortune to develop several new products and have worked with great teams to build and launch innovations in robotics, servers, consumer electronics, peripherals, printers, …Read More

  2. Variation – How Does it Affect Me?

    By Sarah Johnson, CLM, CSSBB Director of Quality and Process Development It is a fundamental truth of the universe that variation is inherent in all things.  You may not have ventured this way to learn universal truths, but here we are.  Why should you care?  In the natural world, variation can b…Read More

  3. Design for Excellence (DfX)

    Engage Early and Often Early involvement is better.  That’s a universal truth that applies to almost any situation we can think of.  It holds especially true in today’s electronic manufacturing market place.  With the explosion of IoT, sensors, cloud communications, global supply chains, and …Read More