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Vergent Products ( is a dynamic and growing company in Loveland, Colorado that creates and produces electro-mechanical products while providing freedom for its employees to achieve their goals in an enjoyable environment.   We offer our clients a broad range of services for product realization including product conceptualization, design, prototyping, regulatory certification, manufacturing, and warranty service.


Purchase material, supplies, equipment and services.  Solicits bids, analyzes quotations and makes vendor recommendations with supervision.  Purchase items and services that offer the most favorable price consistent with quality, quantity, specification requirements and other factors as defined by the Vergent Products Quality Management System.


  • [Entry] Purchases “off the shelf” types of readily available commonly used materials, supplies, tools, furniture, services, etc.  Transactions usually involve but are not limited to materials sold by major distributors and manufacturers.
  • [Entry] Schedules, orders and coordinates the delivery of parts/materials, equipment and services used in product manufacturing according to production plans and the MRP system while keeping inventory investment at a minimum.
  • [Entry] Purchase custom material as specified by engineering or in accordance with demand from the MRP system.
  • [Entry] Audit purchase orders or delivery dates and maintains contact with vendors to insure delivery of materials when promised in order to provide an uninterrupted flow of material, supplies and services required to operate the organization.  Expedite requirements as needed
  • [Entry] Process Return to Vendor (RTV).
  • [Entry] Reconciliation of Purchase Price Variances (PPV)
  • [Master] Assist in the selection, development, and timely evaluation of suppliers.
  • [Master] Driven from MRP and established processes, sets up supply chain and procures material for production including custom and specialized made to order parts.
  • [Master] Identifies best sources for commodity materials based on price, availability, and assurance of supply.
  • [Master] Ensures material is being procured at most competitive cost and appropriate inventory levels to achieve the quoted product cost while minimizing inventory.
  • [Expert] Purchases complex and technical or specialized equipment, materials or services specifically designed and manufactured to meet the client’s needs and specifications.
  • [Expert] Improves the purchasing department processes driving to highest quality with the lowest possible level of administrative costs. 
  • Identifies improvements in supply management strategies and implements improvements such as in-house stores, supplier managed/owned inventory, JIT, MRP share, etc
  • [Expert] Company expert in procurement systems (ERP/MRP) and related data.  Continuously monitors data integrity and system performance.
  • [Expert] Identifies opportunities and drives cost reduction and assurance of supply for materials.
  • [Expert] Develops supply chain relationships engaging in negotiating purchase contracts, terms and conditions, service level agreements, etc




1   Entry

Associates Degree in Business Administration or the equivalent in education and experience combined. 

Basic purchasing procedures.

Computer literacy.

Good oral and written communication skill.

2   Master

Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration or the equivalent in education and experience combined.  

Basic MRP and procurement management procedures.

3   Expert

Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration or the equivalent in education and experience combined.  

Contract negotiation

Competitive procurement analysis 

Advanced MRP

Problem solving

Team leadership

Knowledge of Uniform Commercial Code (UCC)

Procurement and supply chain best practices



Progression through Rank

Progression through Scope

1   Entry 

Merit = Performance and behavior.
Not to exceed 24 months at entry level

Promotion to Master is based on mastery of skills, one year of service minimum plus achieving rank of “Exceeds” at Entry level.

2   Master 


Merit = Performance and behavior.

Promotion to Expert is based on mastery of skills, achieving rank of “Exceeds” at Master level plus a business need for Expert.

3   Expert 


Merit = Performance and behavior.

Number in Expert scope is limited to 20% of workforce or one per work area as required.


Vergent Products is an Equal Opportunity Employer.

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