Assembler/Production Inspector


  • [Master] Safely assembles, tests, and inspects electronic and electro-mechanical products from written instructions.  Tasks and duties will vary according to the product and assignment.
  • [Master] Assures no workmanship or material defects passed downstream resulting in a defective free product delivered to the client.   Report actual and potential quality issues for corrective/preventative action.
  • [Master] Manages self to ensure on-time delivery of product at or below standard times under direct supervision.
  • [Master] Manages self in the execution of their personal training plan to ensure they are trained to perform assigned work.    
  • [Master] Completes work according to relevant standards (IPC) and work instructions.   
  • [Master] Makes recommendations to improve quality, increase productivity, manufacturability, or reduce cost.
  • [Master] Performs simple equipment and facility maintenance tasks as directed.
  • [Master] Trains and may direct others to carry out established procedures in a team environment.
  • [Master] Operates complex machines and/or uses automated tools.
  • [Master] Performs rework and/or modifications to products from written documentation.
  • [Master] Assists with equipment installations, moves, process qualification, and/or autonomous maintenance of equipment, facility, or tools.
  • [Expert] Sets up of new products in existing processes (ex: simple machine programming or process design for manufacturability).
  • [Expert] Manages work orders and organizes resources within the assigned areas to deliver product on time at expected quality levels.   (non-supervisory)
  • [Expert] Build prototypes from engineering documents.   Provides feedback for the creation of production work instructions
  • [Expert] Carries out complex machine and process setup, programming, and optimization using established practices.
  • [Expert] Monitors production process for improvement opportunities and provides detailed actionable feedback to process engineering for improvement.   May lead improvement using established methods and practices.
  • [Expert] Translates and interprets industry best practices and applicable standards. 


This KSA list is a guideline for recruiting and hiring.  It is not a training plan.  Refer to CWP-004 for access to assembler training plans.



All levels and areas

Read and follow documentation

Work in a team environment

Simple math skill  +-*/ fractions %

Computer literacy (log-on, enter data, use simple applications)

Electronic component identification

Use of common hand tools used in electronics

Simple mechanical assembly

Able to understand basic Electro-static discharge controls

Ability to give and receive feedback in a constructive manner

Able to train others

Able to read and interpret work instructions

Able to interpret go/no go test results and sort product based on result

Perform simple machine maintenance

Cleaning a light janitorial work as needed.  

Clean and organize work areas (6S practice)


PCBA area

Final Assembly area

2   Master

IPC-A-610 certification

PCBA soldering skills 

Simple PCB repair and modification

Able to operate machines such as: 

   – Paste printer

   – Pick and Place

   – AOI

   – Selective Solder

   – Wave Solder

   – Chip programmers


IPC-A-620 certification

Complex mechanical assembly

Cable and wire soldering

Able to operate machines such as:

   – Drill Press

   – Wire cutter/stripper

   – Hi pot testers

   – Cable testers

   – Functional testers

   – Labeling system

Basic understanding of flow lines



3   Expert

Prioritize, dispatch, and manage work orders in ERP system

Organize resources to meet productivity, quality and delivery goals

Able to build prototypes from client docs

Able to provide detailed actionable improvement input from product builds

Skills to perform complex product repair and modification

Simple equipment programming and process tuning

Train master level assemblers

Assess effectiveness of training

Assist with change implementation 

Functional understanding of lean manufacturing and flow lines

Ability to develop leadership of process improvement (SPDCA)

Interpret applicable industry standards as needed


Assembler, PCB, SMT, Mechanic, Solder