Vergent Product Delivery System: Manufacturing

Our Vergent Product Delivery System offers a multi-dimensional view of your products’ development cycles. This is the third cycle of our process: MANUFACTURING

The MANUFACTURING cycle of our product delivery system includes:

  • Potential problem analysis
  • Supply chain analysis
  • Build documentation
  • Workmanship training
  • Product training
  • CAD/CAM programming
  • Resource planning
  • Procurement
  • Build execution
  • Progressive QA
  • Quality variance review
  • Schedule variance review Cost/Profit variance review

Before we manufacture your product we assess your product and process using proprietary quality planning methods to ensure the best product/process match. We collaborate with you to learn the nuances and critical requirements of your product. Your input combined with our elevated production standards are integrated into our work instructions delivered on-line, at the point of use in our manufacturing process. The Vergent Products assemblers and machine operators are highly trained to execute these work instructions to the highest standards-guaranteeing consistent quality. Our integrated ERP and PDM systems provide real time cost, quality and delivery feedback to the production teams. The production teams review this information to continually drive improvements with the shared focus to deliver to you the greatest return on your investment possible.

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