Vergent Product Delivery System: Design

Our Vergent Product Delivery System offers a multi-dimensional view of your products’ development cycles. This is the second cycle of our process: DESIGN

The DESIGN cycle of our product delivery system includes:

  • Product specification
  • Design planning
  • Product development
  • Design for excellence plan
  • Design execution
  • Documentation
  • Design reviews
  • Design verification
  • Product validation

Design Planning: A highly refined plan including schedule, with tasks and durations, necessary resources & estimated costs for the product design work will be developed to guide your product’s design.

Product Development: Models will be created (electrical and mechanical) to define your product’s specifications. We will perform the necessary analysis, using sound fundamentals of engineering physics, to determine performance expectations for your product.

Design for Excellence: A DfX plan is then developed to evaluate product design measured against DfX areas including cost, reliability, safety, environment, assembly, test, quality and logistics.

Design Execution: Your product is then built using the design documentation that will be used for design verification. Our process of elevating your product is well underway.

Design Documentation: The necessary documentation is developed including comprehensive information defining the process to build your product. The documentation becomes part of your Design Master Record for your product.

Design Reviews: Reviews to evaluate current design information against your product specification to determine if progress on work will meet desired requirements. Involves feedback from not only Vergent Product engineers performing the work, but other experts will have input – you, our client, manufacturing, service, procurement, etc. A team of diverse experts constantly seeking improvement.

Design Verification: Testing to verify your product’s design is conducted to determine alignment with your product’s specifications. Design changes will be incorporated to continually improve your product.

Product Validation: Utilizing independent testing and typically done by you, our client or your customers to determine if the product will meet the market needs. Results of validation can be input for both changes to the product specification and the product design.

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