Vergent Products and Case Studies

Click the case study topic below to learn how Vergent Products delivers our promise of thinking differently and working differently and review the benefits delivered in every phase of product design and manufacturing.

  • Continually Embracing the “Impossible”
    • Traditional Electronic Manufacturing Service (EMS) providers are fairly rigid when it comes to changes to the product and new product introduction.  They often express legitimate concerns like the added cost of product revision control, inventory liability and being compensated for the change or the NPI.  Their processes are designed to protect themselves and are not always customer responsive.  Vergent Products thinks differently about this. 

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  • A Complete Systems Approach to Manage and Ensure Defect-free Reliability
    • Imagine a ruggedized system of five individual products to be deployed outdoors completely exposed to extreme weather conditions. Now imagine that each product is a complex data acquisition and control system with very sensitive measurement systems, on board computers, internal networks, USB interfaces and wireless radios.  The entire system must work together flawlessly out of the box in remote locations like Alaska’s frozen tundra and rain forests of Belize. Log in or register to download the complete case study >>


  • Reducing Product Cost to Become More Competitive in the Market and Increase Market Share
    • When a client needs to reduce the cost of their products to become more competitive in the market and increase their market share – the typical approach is to apply Value Analysis and Value Engineering methods to the product.  How can you reduce the cost of your product and become more competitive in the market and/or increase margins? Log in or register to download the complete case study >>


  • Designed to Go From Prototype to Volume Production at the Right Price Point
    • Our client, a startup leisure product company, had made excellent progress with design and prototyping a new product.  Founded by brilliant engineers they had the wisdom to bring in a staff of supply chain, operations, and finance personnel.  They had a good prototype that was built by assembling parts harvested from similar retail products.  But, something was missing – they didn’t know how to get from prototype to volume production at the price point the market would enthusiastically embrace. Log in or register to download the complete case study >>


  • Fulfilling the Obligation to Maintain a Product Through End of Life
    • As you can imagine, there isn’t much appeal by an organization to support and repair a 20-year-old product.  Technology is outdated; no doubt the next generations have additional features for less cost and smaller form factor.  Internal resources have been reallocated to support the newer products.  Supporting end of life products can strain and defocus a company, however, it is a necessary contractual obligation made at the time of the sale. Log in or register to download the complete case study >>


  • Proactive Quality Improvement by Thinking and Working Differently
    • Nobody likes product defects and nobody hates it more than the manufacturer. At Vergent Products we take product defects and returns very seriously. Vergent manufactures a golf performance measurement device that is shipped internationally and is often time handled roughly by the end-user. This is not to suggest that a golfer would ever disagree with an objective measurement of their performance. Log in or register to download the complete case study >>


  • Meeting Regulatory Requirements for Products
    • A major medical customer brought a product to Vergent that had failed regulatory testing for both EMI and safety requirements. It was critical to get the design modified, and retested as product had to ship in 6 weeks. Log in or register to download the complete case study >>


  • Improving Functional Performance of a Product
    • In many electronic products, heat generation will limit the operating range of a product, such that it cannot meet the original specifications for the product. Vergent Products recently worked with a client who’s product had such excessive heat problem. Log in or register to download the complete case study >>