Vergent Product Delivery System: Service

Our Vergent Product Delivery System offers a multi-dimensional view of your products’ development cycles. This is the fourth cycle of our process: SERVICE

The SERVICE cycle of our product delivery system includes:

  • Product lifecycle planning
  • Warranty eligibility
  • Defect root cause analysis
  • Containment/ Repair
  • Preventive action
  • Design feedback
  • Manufacturing feedback

We work differently to produce a service experience for your product that will exceed your expectations – every time. Through cooperative client management, the entire Vergent Products team is engaged with servicing you and your products. We offer product lifecycle planning, defect root cause analysis, design feedback, manufacturing feedback, preventative action and containment/repair. We see the big picture through your eyes, we’re accountable to you every step of the way… and we deliver our product service accordingly.

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