Vergent Product Delivery System: Initialization

*Product Design is Excluded from AS9100

Our Vergent Product Delivery System offers a multi-dimensional view of your products’ development cycles. This is the first cycle of our process: INITIALIZATION

The INITIALIZATION cycle of our product delivery system includes:

  • Fit assessment
  • Client requirements
  • Documentation review
  • Quote
  • Contract review
  • Client setup
  • Project setup
  • Product launch
  • Client relationship building
  • Client feedback
  • Project setup
  • Project launch
  • Client relationship building
  • Client feedback

Fit Assessment: The purpose of our initial meeting with you is to determine whether your requirements are aligned with our Product Delivery System capabilities.

Client Product Requirements Review: Comprehensive product requirements are not always fully clarified at the initial meeting. Determining the gaps and identifying the areas that might represent a risk to the success of your project is a key component to this review process. This review challenges the assumptions and we think differently about how to approach the solution.

Client Setup: A successful relationship starts with a clear understanding of expectations and deliverables by our team and you, our client. It is at this point that a documented scope of work is completed and an agreement to work together is established.

Project Setup and Launch: A project plan is created for your product with milestones, resource assignments and deliverables identified with an emphasis on fully utilizing the diversity of our capabilities to create on time delivery, superb quality and the lowest cost for you.

Client Relationship Building and Feedback: Iteration and continuous feedback are critical during the early stages of developing your product. Your team at Vergent Products is comprised of product experts who are also experts at listening. We are committed to ensuring the best client communications possible.