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Terry Precht

Founder/Chief Engineer
Vergent Product Improvement

As the President and CEO of Vergent Products, I reflect back on the 15 years we have been in business and realize I started this company because I like to design and build things.  While I was a professor of mechanical engineering for 10 years, I missed the opportunity to build the things I was designing and changed my career path to allow me to be exposed to the opportunities that would allow the products I was designing to be built.  As I launched my career in private industry, I was able to design products that were very high volume, giving me a great appreciation for Design for Manufacturability, and manage a large team of talented engineers at Tektronix (now a division of Xerox) that introduced the Phaser solid ink color printers which implemented a dynamic and innovative print technology.

At Vergent Products, I have been proud of the diversity and number of products we have designed and manufactured for our clients, ranging from Doppler Radar based golf products to specialized contamination analyzers for the metals foundry industry. In particular, I enjoy the learning opportunities a new client’s products present in technical challenge and understanding their market applications. This ability to learn from our clients fuels that same enjoyment I got when I was in the classroom 25 years ago.

At Vergent Products you will find a team of experts with a very strong desire to assist our clients in solving the design issues that will add value to the manufacturing process and ultimately to the product itself.

Vergent Products will bring value to your product initiative by facilitating our Vergent Product Delivery Systems that go well beyond the basics of contract manufacturing. We believe we offer a one-of-a-kind service.

I look forward to our work together.

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