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Often a product comes in for service without failure data and most of the time the client can only provide minimal details. We begin the repair process by assessing the failure based on the intended use of the product. We use multiple tools during the failure analysis process such as 5 Why’s, Fishbone Diagrams, and brainstorming.

Once the root cause is determined, the repair cycle matures to the learning stage. It is here that Vergent Products furthers the learning cycle so that the failure mode does not reoccur. Just repairing a failure is not what we’re about. We’re a learning organization that is dedicated to continual improvement. We use several tools at this stage such as Potential Problem Analysis (PPA), Failure Mode Effect Analysis (FMEA), SWOT Analysis and Risk Assessments to help determine the severity of the failure. The results from these tools are transformed into various change order types and are communicated throughout the organization. Once the necessary change order has been processed, Vergent Products executes the corrective and preventative action by updating all necessary documentation, and training requirements. We value the opportunity to work closely with our clients to communicate potential design defects or to enhance the manufacturability of the product.

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