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Diana Precht

Corporate Communications Officer

When Terry and I started Vergent Products 15 years ago, I knew very little about product development. My role in the company was to provide the necessary support of keeping the office running – managing the day to day tasks.   This was nothing new to me since my background was the director of a small Chamber of Commerce and I had responsibility for all aspects of that business as well. We had a membership of 150 businesses who all had different needs and motives for belonging to the Chamber. It wasn’t a difficult transition to Vergent – our customers all had different needs too.  Each customer was unique and desired a partner who was flexible and responsive. We didn’t understand in the early years that even though flexibility was important we needed to combine that with disciplined processes to help our customers be successful.

As we have grown, my role moved from generalist to Client Engagement. Now, the exciting part about my contribution is that I am able to work with people who have an idea, a working prototype or a developed product allowing me to participate in the evolutionary process of continually elevating our client’s product. We have clients who have been with us for many years.  Our client-partnerships have weathered the dynamics of the economy, the changing marketplace and strategic migration of their products. We take great satisfaction as our clients have captured market share, increased their margins and watched them geometrically grow their businesses. My personal rewards have come from their success, which has translated into our success as Vergent Products.

One of my hobbies is growing Dahlias. We start in the spring planting the tubers; usually 50 to 75. I carefully prep the soil, add the necessary nutrients and as they emerge from the ground, I stake and tend them until early August when they bloom.   This nurturing of the plant and the subsequent amazing bouquet that I create and share with everyone at the office is not unlike our philosophy at Vergent Products. We think of every new client as someone who is about to embark on a journey of producing an incredible product. We work together to support and nurture that effort and in the end, the results can be something truly amazing.

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