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A comprehensive and fully integrated roster of product delivery services

Vergent Products offers our clients a complete solution. When our robust service offerings are carefully contoured to your product's requirements you will experience benefits on a variety of levels. Less effort in managing multiple vendors, beginning to end accountability and, most importantly, you realize a seamless transition from product design to out the door shipped product...which mean on time and on budget.


  • Product Delivery System

    The Vergent Products' four-stage Product Delivery System provides a systematic, replicable, and comprehensive approach to the life cycle of your product. 

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  • Product Design and Development

    Whether your product is in the early concept stage or in the height of its life cycle, our team of engineers have the mechanical, electrical, firmware, and industrial design expertise to solve your product design and development challenges.
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  • Final Product Assembly

    The Vergent Products' manufacturing team will take the array of components in your design and assemble them on one of our flexible manufacturing lines. Regardless of physical size or the volume of your product, our paperless manufacturing system provides the foundation for quality and competitive cost. We'll test and package the product for you and ship it to your end customer.
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  • Printed Circuit Board Assembly (PCBA)

    Many of the products we manufacture are intelligent and have a set of PCBAs at their core. Our multiple PCBA lines can place the wide range of components found on PCBAs that compose the heart of your products. We tackle designs with advanced SMT packages as well as mature PCBA designs with through-hole components.
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  • Reverse Logistics & Repair

    Vergent Products' services don't stop once your products leave our dock. We can manage the return shipment of your product from your end customer to our facility where we troubleshooot the product until the root cause is determined. We will then repair it to its original specifications before returning it to the field.
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  • Supply Chain Management

    Behind every great product is a great supply chain. Vergent Products' approved supplier partners can deliver virtually every component you need for your product. From plastics and precision metals to electronic components, we have a supplier with a track record and the capability to deliver a competitive, quality component exactly when we need it.
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